A Family that Stays Together: Weight Loss Camp for Families

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Most people often ask: ‘Is obesity caused by hereditary factors or brought by lifestyle?’ As this debate continues to exist, experts have made efforts to say that both factors play a role which results in obesity in a person.

Obesity as a whole is a result of both environmental factors as well as by genetics. It is said that a person with an unhealthy behaviour and has familial genes of obese people are factors to become overweight and later on may progress to obesity. If it runs in a family, there are tendencies of high risk for health diseases and some may be irrevocable. Today, to help society and families adopt a healthy lifestyle, there has been plenty of weight loss camp for families for every family to take part in.

This program is a new innovation offered by boot camps for families to promote wellness for each member of the family. Their aim is not only for the family with obese members to lose weight and begin a healthy living, but also to encourage family bonding especially those who have precipitating factors in their hereditary line or familial history of obesity. It is also a means of family bonding that targets enjoyment at the same time promoting good health among family members.

Approach to Nutrition

Their immersion to a healthy lifestyle, as well as having fun, makes this program successful. It is by far true that children tend to be picky eaters and forget to eat healthy meals like fruits and vegetables. So, to teach children to eat a well-balanced meal, the camp prepares and encourages them to do so. The camp is also composed of a medical team such as licensed physicians and dieticians, to explain and give emphasis to how healthy eating habits will help them gain a healthy lifestyle and for obese members to lose weight.

Approach to Fitness

To make way for a fit and healthy body, camps present the road to fitness through different activities that a family can participate. Among the fitness programs offered include a fitness studio, a gym, awesome sports (soccer, basketball and swimming) and other activities like Zumba, mixed martial arts and wall climbing.

Those are only some of the benefits of a weight loss camp for families. There are a lot of camps to choose from and make sure that you choose the best. Having fun at the same time performing exercises as a family will enable all family member to become healthy and fit and throwing away the worries that obesity may bring.

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