A Solution for Teen Obesity: Weight Loss Camp for Teens

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It is a fact that obesity is the leading long-term disease among teenagers nowadays. It is a serious case which requires much effort to understand and great effort to battle. To understand teen obesity fully, it is brought about by many factors for example genes, socioeconomic issues, metabolism, with lack of sleep and lifestyle choices which are most of the times an unhealthy practice among teens.

Obesity is known to be passed down from generation to generation in a certain family tree which experts say that can be a factor to obesity. Other than that, metabolism and hormones inside the body have different make-up in every individual. These aspects play a role in a child’s weight gain and may be a cause of overweight or obesity. Socioeconomic factors may predispose obesity, especially for low-income individuals. It is said that they do now have immediate access to healthy meal options so they settle for fast and instant foods regardless of the nutritional content. Lastly, a teenager’s lifestyle choices are usually poor. They somehow consume more sugar-filled foods and participate in a very sedentary lifestyle which results in weight gain or obesity. Because of these factors at hand, there are been numerous efforts to somehow lessen obesity through weight loss camp for teens.

The weight loss camp does not only focus on losing weight among teenagers but as well as improving one’s life as a whole through diet counselling, physical activities, behaviour changes, individual or group therapy and support and encouragement program. The combination of both exercise and a healthy diet is the best solution to weight loss but if combined with emotional, mental and psychological support, a teenager may be more motivated to change his or her life for the better and stick to a healthier lifestyle.

In a weight loss camp for teens, exercise is being performed on a regular basis. It takes cardio workouts like swimming, running, playing outdoor games and much more. The camp makes it a point that all teenagers are being monitored well to help them achieve their goals. Through cardio workouts, a teenager will greatly improve in his or her metabolism at the same time burning calories and losing weight.

It is best to target the younger groups so that they can be healthy adults in the future. Also, they can be good examples for younger generations that being healthy is possible at it should start at an early age.

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