Effective, no compromise fitness training on the outside, soft, caring luxury on the inside.

TEAM Bootcamp was created to provide you with two important things…

“Maximum Possible Weight Loss In The Shortest Space Of Time”

“A Place For You To Unplug From The World And Completely Reset”

Weight Loss and Body Image are tied in to just about every other facet of our lives. It affects our confidence, our choices, our relationships and ultimately our happiness.

Both Paula & Craig (the TEAM Bootcamp Founders) have personally known the trials and tribulations of being overweight and unhappy with how they look.

They also know the feeling of getting things back in check, on track – and being able to enjoy their fitter, happier, healthier bodies once again.There are so many demands placed on you in today’s world… work, family, friends… it’s difficult to place the focus purely on YOU. So making healthy choices and taking time out to exercise becomes harder and harder.

That’s why here at TEAM Bootcamp, the focus IS purely on YOU.

It’s about your results, your peace of mind and your health and happiness.It will remind you how it feels to move around freely, eat healthfully (and deliciously)… nobody asks anything of you except to try your hardest.

Your mind, body (and waistline) all improve quickly.

Famed for our hard, uncompromising training on the outside – and our warm, soft and caring environment on the inside… TEAM Bootcamp provides everything you’d need to come away refreshed and

It’s the perfect place to be, when your current lifestyle may be failing you… or simply failing to provide you with the happiness and contentment you desire.

3-Dimensional Fitness

TEAM Bootcamp uses its revolutionary 3-Dimensional Approach to get better results than you’ve ever experienced before from any other bootcamp, diet or workout program ever before.

We aim to help you (T)HINK, (E)AT (A)ND (M)OVE better – so you can KEEP the results for life!

Our ultra-effective Military Health & Fitness Camps run EVERY SINGLE WEEK, utilizing a revolutionary training program that speeds up weight loss results and reduces injury and fatigue.

You Will Experience:

In It For The Long Haul?

It may come as no surprise – but the longer you’re on the ‘weight loss journey’, the trickier it can become to keep getting results… so we’ve successfully dealt with that.TEAM Bootcamp is the only bootcamp in the UK that’s developed a true long-term strategy to effectively facilitate long-term campers, who are in this for the long haul.

Your Body is an amazing adapter that adapts to the stress of bootcamp life after just a few weeks, causing plateaus and potentially limiting your results…Our long-term strategies (4-16 weeks and beyond) keep your body guessing with staged programs specific to your individual needs.The longer you stay with us, the more specific your program becomes and the better results you continue to get.

“One Way Or Another – We Are Your Best Opportunity To Get The Body You Want”