Voted :: Best Boot Camp Accommodation

Luxious and homely. Dedicated homes open every week of the year.

The Accommodation at Eardington Manor is designed to make you feel like you’re getting a nice big hug at the end of an intensely productive day, where you can rest, recover and relax in luxury… while unplugging from the world and putting your mind completely at ease.

We have a mix of Shared, Twin and Double Rooms, as well as Luxury VIP Suites with King-Sized Beds, En-Suite Bathrooms (with bath and shower), as well as separate dressing rooms.

Each room is designed to optimize rest and is furnished and decorated beautifully, with quality beds and orthopedic mattresses with built in storage for kit, equipment and the necessities.

  • Jon - Taunton

    Outstanding team member’s, this is a boot camp that has an edge on anything I have ever seen and experienced, your performance will increase 100% after you have been here! love it, thank you Team Bootcamp

    *Result May Vary

  • Sarah - USA

    Brilliant boot camp, pushed to the limits then time to chill and rebuild aching muscles with good food. Looking forward to coming again. Thanks guys

    *Result May Vary

The Manor also boasts a spacious lounge for campers to relax, play games, watch television, movies or simply chat the evening away… and of course we have 7 acres of gorgeous country landscape and gardens to enjoy as well, if you feel up for it!

We chose Eardington Manor as our Primary Location because it is quite simply the perfect Health & Fitness retreat – with an incredibly warming, welcoming and homely feel.

Each Room Has An Elegant, Simple And Relaxed Feel To It And Is Fully Optimized For Total Rest And Recuperation

And Yes! You’ll actually look forward to dinner! Paleo Diet = Food We Were Evolutionarily Designed To Eat And Find Delicious People often equate ‘diet’ with bland food, restriction, sacrifice, hunger… and it’s our aim to ensure you never feel like that again.


When You Stay With Us You Have Access To:

  • Wi-Fi Internet Access for when you need to ‘plug back in’
  • Orthopedic Mattress for restful and regenerative sleep
  • Hypo-Allergenic Pillows for a soft and comforting touch
  • Even Blackout Blinds for the perfect sleep environment
  • Lounges & Gardens for idyllic and meditative strolls
  • A heated outdoor pool for relaxation and rehabilitation


Additional Facilities and Service We Offer:

  • Holistic Therapy Centre
  • Relaxation Garden
  • Covered Training Area
  • Open Training Area