At Fat Camp: A Weight Loss Camp Documentary

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Have you ever wondered what would really happen if you were able to experience the physical and emotional pangs of those under a weight loss programme? This article will present a weight loss camp documentary of a mother and daughter who went to Fat Camp or Fit Farm.

Residential weight-loss camp Fit Farm locations can be found across Great Britain allowing you to stay for 3, 4, or 6 nights of living a fit and healthier lifestyle. It has a belief on the success of giving its clients the necessary tools for a healthy lifestyle maintenance rather than giving them press ups. Its weight-loss programme centres on the small, manageable improvements that clients can integrate into their everyday life.

Let’s hear the story of a mother and daughter who took part in one of Fit Farm’s fat camps, to an all-

female week program. The mother-daughter tandem chose this particular program as it guarantees weight-loss. They seem unperturbed by the idea of not losing weight after they completed the program. Both entered the camp with confidence in their own fitness only to realize that their diet is similar to that of a 10-year-old child spending their day high on saturated fats and sugar.

Working on with their personal mentor, they developed an eating plan allowing them to keep their friends, continue to drink, and start giving their poor, abused body healthier foods than processed carbs and sugar. They tried different activities like boxing, Zumba dancing, and hula-hooping. They found out that not all kinds of exercise are created equally.

They describe Fit Farm as a highly effective and extremely thorough introduction to small changes for a smaller waistline and a healthier lifestyle. Its residential courses are conducted in comfortable en-suite cottages. It provides individual training to make the most of their time in the camp. Leaving the course offered by the camp early will surely result in regret.

However, the mother left the camp early than expected. Her daughter pursued until the completion of the program and saw how effective the camp works on her overall appearance.

This weight loss camp documentary only indicates the significance of endurance and perseverance in committing oneself to any training for physical fitness. Always think of positive things to happen in your favour and it will come your way. Get fit and be fab at any health fitness camp and be a healthy champ.


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