Be Productive During Summer with Weight Loss Camp for 18 Year Olds

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Both developed and developing countries all over the world are experiencing problems such as obesity, especially in young adults. Individuals belonging to the age group of 18 to 25 years old are in the transition from an adolescent life to adulthood. It is believed that within this age group, there are many life transitions starting from entering college until reaching to the point of settling down and getting married. Also, it is within these ages that lifestyle changes happen, which unhealthy habits, which result in energy and physical activity imbalances leading to obesity in young individuals.

As these vulnerable age groups have higher chances of being obese ad acquiring health-related issues, private sectors have introduced one effective way to lessen the problems in obesity in a form of weight loss camp for 18 year olds. It has become an alarming trend since the number of obese people is rising throughout the years and some parents fear that their children may become a part of such trend. In order to get young adults to practice healthy living, weight loss camp have been established to help obese young adults lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle all throughout their lives.

What is expected in a weight loss camp for 18 year olds?

It is best to start with a healthy meal plan. To lose weight, it is best that the intake calories that a person has consumed should be burned down. The best way to lose weight is not by starving oneself or skipping meals but instead invest on meals packed with daily nutrients for example fruits and vegetables. When cooking meals, it is best to steam, grill, roast or broils the food as long as little fat is added. Food rich in high protein is also needed and you can find it in poultry meat, seafood, whole grain and whole wheat bread. For 18 year olds, the daily requirement for grains is about 6 to 8 ounces a day and approximately 5 to 6.5 ounces of protein daily.

To be able to effectively lose weight, the camp specializes regular physical exercise routines for young adults to participate. The program is set to meet standard goals to lose weight and achieve a normal body mass index (BMI) incongruent to their height, gender and age. The camper may start with a moderate type of exercise program then advancing to an intensive one. Some exercises include swimming, running, brisk walking, aerobic exercises, lifting weights, yoga or combinations. Performing these routines will eventually help young adults achieve losing weight and get rid of obesity.

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