How to Boost Your New Year Resolution Motivation

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Hey, guys. How’s it going?

Welcome to this online training especially for the Virtual Boot Camp group.

Today, I want to talk about your New Year’s resolution… remember that??

But first a question… How motivated do you feel regarding any resolution you set this year? Do you need a little bit of a boost to keep you going?

We’re rapidly approaching the end of January and this is the point where our New Year’s motivation wanes. Resolutions fall by the wayside here. We see it every year. Even if you manage to start, which very few people don’t even really start their NY’s resolution, now is the time when more people fall off the waggon and go back to their drinking and unhealthy habits than any other time.

We’re going to do a little bit of training and we’re going to work on your boosting your motivation. I want to turn you from this lazy lion into a supercharged, superhero.

Sleepy lion to superhero
Before we start, what about you?

  • How did you set a New Year’s resolution?
  • How’s it going?
  • What progress have you made?
  • What is your motivation level like?

Let me know in the FB Group Here. I am really interested.

For me, I set a goal of training every day for the month of January in preparation for a big event I’ve got coming up in June where I’m going to run six marathons in seven days through the Peruvian Amazonian jungle, which is going to be an immense challenge. I’m really looking forward to it but it’s going to be really tough. Training wise…. Every day counts!

As you can probably hear in the video, both Paula and I picked up this Aussie flu, which has absolutely kicked us in the balls and ruined my training. If I didn’t have the kind of mindset I have, I’d be saying ‘I’m feeling really demotivated’.

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I would be:

  • Deflated
  • Demotivated
  • Demoralised

…okay, the three D’s!

That’s what it when you get in a funk about your progress. Getting in a funk can happen very very quickly when it comes to New Year’s Day resolutions and setting goals. That’s where I could be, but because of the way that I kind of look at stuff, and the way that my internal dialogue works, I’m actually quite happy where I am. I know that as soon as this sore throat goes and the headache subsides I’ll be ready to launch back into my training, and it’s just been one of those things.

My promise to you in the video above – I want to take you from the 3 D’s – deflated, demotivated, and demoralised, to charged and highly motivated with regards to your new goals or your New Year’s resolution.


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Before I do that, I want to put things into context a little bit and a good way of doing that is a few wise words from this guy, Albert Einstein, who once said,

“Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

What a great quote. Albert Einstein was talking about the education system and how it doesn’t suit all people.

We fail people that have dyslexia, autism and social anxiety because sitting in a classroom doing chalk and talk work where we try to get them to regurgitate everything that the teacher’s talking about on the chalkboard and all this kind of stuff, it’s just not for them. Then, we put them in a test or an exam, they don’t perform very well in the exams and may need extra help to read questions or write or articulate their questions and all this kind of stuff… so…. of course… they feel stupid! The test is not right for this kind of people, but it does not mean that they’re not genius in their own right.

It doesn’t mean they’re not immense at other things, like fish. If we measured a fish and its ability to swim, now that’s completely different compared to its ability to climb a tree, yet we kind of do this all the time with our own goals and progress. We compare it to the wrong things.

It’s not necessarily what we’re doing that’s wrong or demotivating us, it’s usually what we’re comparing our self to!

Whenever we get into a bit of a funk over our progress, whatever it is, I want to encourage you to ask yourself ‘compared to what?’

If you find yourself saying, “I’m not doing very well with my weight loss this month,” ASK – ‘compared to what?’. Question what you are comparing against because there is always a whole selection of things that we could actually compare it to.

We don’t just have to settle on the obvious comparisons, especially if they don’t serve us. Quite often our comparison is unrealistic or distorted and it demotivates us. It leaves us deflated and it demoralises us, but we always have a choice. Why not choose what we compare our results to?

People might say, “Yeah, but you’re kind of cooking the books and it’s not realistic.” Who cares if it gives you enough motivation to carry on because consistency and constantly shuffling towards something better is what counts. You only truly fail when you give up. You might lose the odd war but as long as you’re ahead in the whole campaign, you’re still making progress, you’re still getting better and YOU ARE STILL WINNING!

I created this formula to illustrate this better.

  • M is Motivation, this is what we want. Motivation gets us going and drives us on.
  • P is our Progress or results.
  • C is the Comparison, so using myself as an example. For me, I set a goal that I was going to train every day for the whole of January.

14 days in, I was doing incredibly well. I was training really, really well. My results were good, but then I was struck down with this flu and I had to rest.

So I tracked my training in my training diary and I trained for 14 days. 14 is just a random number until we compare it to something. So let’s work through some comparisons:

The obvious one is the overall goal. Well compared to the 31 days in January, 14 days of training of training is less than the 17 days where I’ve been unable to train. You see how the results could be demotivating? To think that I’ve trained or I’ve not trained for more days in January than I have trained. That can be quite demotivating.

Well, what else could we compare it to? Let’s compare it to the total number of days in a year. So 365 and I’ve trained for 14 so far. That’s demotivating.

Let’s compare it to December. Now in December, I trained 12 times. See, now that’s different because now I’ve beaten last month and I’m not yet at the end of January, so there perhaps might be a couple of days where I could do a little bit more training, but I’ve beaten it already.

That’s better, but I’m trying to find more motivation. How else can I compare it? Okay, let’s compare it to someone else. I know I’m getting ready for this event in Peru. One of my friends, I know he’s trained even less. He’s done two days training since January 1st. I’ve done much, much more and I might be ill right now, but I’ve got plenty of days in the bag.

Hopefully, you can kind of see how we can CHOOSE what we compare our progress to?

What about you?
You might say to yourself, ‘I can’t run!” Compared to what?

‘I’m not very fit!’ Compared to what?
‘I’m not losing much weight!’ Compared to what?

People at Team Bootcamp often fall foul of this. ‘I’ve already lost four pounds in weight this week, which is terrible!

Well, compared to what?

Compared to you before at home when you were putting on two, three pounds a week? In that regard, you’re doing incredibly well.

Think about what you’re actually comparing yourself to. I hope that I’ve been a benefit to you and if it has, remember that we are free training every week.

This week, on Thursday, we’re going to do some sugar and binge eating rut buster training. We’re going to talk about the mindset. Give you some models that you can action right now and build some motivation for you to break free of sugar, binge or emotional eating to get you out of that rut.

It’s about 50 minutes long, it’s completely free and you can join us online here. Watch anywhere on all your different devices and remember we’ve had some really, really good feedback about this training.

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