Bridal Bootcamp

Feel great and look fantastic for your big day

The unrivaled TEAM Bootcamp Bridal Bootcamp packages place the emphasis on the bride. Ooze confidence and sex appeal on your wedding and not only *lose up to 12 lbs a week, plus:
• Ditch unwanted belly, thigh and bottom fat
• Eradicate bingo wings
• *Average weight loss – 7-12lbs per week (ask about our multiple week discounts)
• Reduced bloat
• Increase muscle tone & reduced waist, arms and thighs
• Have a whole load of fun!
• 4-5 Hours of calorie scorching fitness each training day
• 3.5 hours of low-intensity country hikes each recovery day
• UK’s top military instructors
• No tasteless diet food
• Varied fun packed and challenging training
• Stress management workshop

Emotional & Nutritional Support

• Stress management and relaxation (1.5 Hour)
• Hypnotherapy for renewed habits (1 Hour)
• NLP – Goal setting master class (1 Hour)
• Nutrition workshop part 1 – Eradicating triggers to unhealthy eating
• Nutrition workshop part 2 – Eating for health & weight management
• Recipes and eating advice sheets to take away

How To Book


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Free eBook – Wedding Weight Loss Bible

• The 10 Stages Of Crash Dieting & The Reason Crash Diets Are Doomed From The Start.
• 10 Steps To Boost Your Natural Energy Burning Furness Making Sure You Look The Best You Can For Your Big Day
• 10 Easy To Implement Ways To Up You Activity & Reduce Your Waistline
• 5 Waist & Neckline Reducing Poses For Your Wedding Pics
• 8 Body Sculpting Celebrity Makeup Techniques Every Bride Can Steal
• 8 Tips For Avoiding a Gut-Wrenching BLOAT Before, During & After Your Wedding Day