The Two Biggest Reasons Boot Camps Are Broken…

The Two Biggest Reasons Boot Camps Are Broken…
– and –
How You Can Kick Start Your Fitness By Training Smarter, Harder Without Being Starved and With A Hugely Reduced Risk Of Injury

Are you looking to kick-start your fitness and fat loss?
Maybe you’re need to work on yourself and have a short break from the norm?

If so DO NOT book anything until you have read this…

If you are reading this then you’ll know just how popular fitness holidays and boot camps have become? You may even know that there’s a downside to all that super intense no compromise training that you love?

My name is Craig Williams and after years in the boot camp industry, two things have become apparent:

FACT #1 – Most boot camps are extended fad diets!
I know that seems pretty strong, but let me explain… There are too many examples of this to list here, but in addition to making up weights and measurements to falsify results, many boot camps weigh you in at night when you arrive and after a day of travelling and after the pre-boot camp ‘last supper’ feast on route to camp. Your weight will fluctuate throughout the day, sometimes as much as 4 lbs, but you can bet those camps are going to weigh you out in the morning when you are naturally lighter.

FACT #2 – Boot camps as we know them are broken!
That’s right! The regular boot camp regime is flawed and is so outdated even the military do not take the same approach when training their elite soldiers. Nobody can (or should!) sustain the constant barrage of physical exercise without periods of rest to allow the body to recover and replenish energy stores. Its one thing to train hard – but another thing entirely to train smart! Calories….

So what’s the answer?

Well at TEAM Bootcamp we have created a revolutionary way of training you – A lot of science and research has gone into creating it and although I will not share the full story here I will explain the foundations.

Let’s get straight into the benefits to you:
10 reasons why this programme is the most effective, most enjoyable and safest boot camp for you:
1 – More Effective Training
2 – Better More Honest Fat Loss
3 – Increased Training & Exercise Knowledge
4 – More Fun, Variety and Challenge
5 – More Suitable To Sports Specific Training and Athletic Development
6 – Increased Long Term Benefits (Joint stability, core strength etc)
7 – Psychologically Easier
8 – Reduced Aches, Pains and Injuries
9 – More Sustainable After You Leave
10 – No Post Boot Camp Fatigue or Illness

Hear our trainers discuss all these benefits at length here

More Effective Training – At TEAM Bootcamp set an exercise foundation of high intensity interval training using large, calorie scorching functional exercises using the body’s biggest muscles to scorch calories and get your heart and lungs working.

Better More Honest Fat Loss – Test results have shown that our weight loss is every bit as good if not better than other camps. We regularly hit double figures in 6 days training and later I will share more of the science as to why this is the case.

Increased Training & Exercise Knowledge – We see every day as a school day. We like to nurture and develop your training knowledge during your stay so you can get better results at home. Just experiencing this cutting edge approach to training will change the way you see exercise for life.

More Fun, Variety and Challenge – It’s not just running around in the mud with a tyre. We have invested in a purpose built running track and military style obstacle course to add fun and increase challenge and the military feel and we infuse technology in to your experience. We use wireless music headsets to intensify the effect of verbal commands and heart thumping fitness beats and fitness trackers are available for you to monitor your progress on the go.