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Eardington Manor, Bridgnorth, WV16 5JZ, United Kingdom

  • Lucy Devine - Cork

    What can I say about Team Bootcamp? Amazing, scary, life-changing, encouraging, emotional, gorgeous venue and Lovely people. The trainers are ex- military & these guys are just the best! I have a double prolapse injury & in week 4 had an ankle sprain & the guys gave me alternatives so there was no sitting out. I was too stubborn & maybe that was wrong but this was MY choice & that determination got me to where I am now. I shed 30lbs and 37.7cms from my body. So if you’re wondering if you can do it.. THINK.. If this Irish one can do it, anyone can! 😉

    *Results May Vary

  • Kinvara Gardner - London

    The only Bootcamp to go to, the training, food and accommodation is all perfect and the results are outstanding!

    *Results May Vary

  • Annie Asgard - Cork

    Excellent life changing experience.

    *Results May Vary