Default Meals

Default Eating :: How To Trump Willpower and Regain Control Of Your Eating Through Default Eating.
During my weight loss journey, I soon realised that I simply didn’t have enough willpower to tackle healthy eating and something had to change. Eventually, I developed a number of default meals that all met a certain criterion. You can develop your own criteria, but I have listed mine below:

They had to be cheap… I’m a tight northern monkey and every penny counts
They had to be readily available
They had to be really quick and easy to create

Video 001 – Introduction

Video 002 – Breakfast 1 – Omelette

Video 003 – Breakfast 2 – Bacon & Eggs

Video 004 – Snacks

Video 005 – Other Meals 1 – Stir Fry

Video 006 – Other Meals 2 – Thai Green Curry