Frequently Ask Question



How much does a week at TEAM bootcamp cost?

TEAM Bootcamp pride themselves on providing more bespoke services for longer term camps and therefore prices vary depending on your needs. Our pricing structure will always remain competitive within the boot camp market and if budget is an issue we suggest either signing up to the digital boot camp or subscribing to our newsletter to receive our very best, last minute offers.

What is the longest I can stay?

In theory campers can stay for as long as they like. Some campers have trained with us for 6 months and more and the average is 2-3 weeks. We do recommend that very long term campers spend a short period away from camp every three weeks to a – have a break and b – test your new found habits and lifestyle.

Are you open all year round?

We are open every week accept Christmas week and camps start each Saturday.

I have diabetes / high blood pressure / recent injury… can I still attend?

Long term ailments will not necessarily prevent you from training, but we will insist that you seek medical advice prior to attending.

What kit will I need?

A comprehensive kit list will be sent you at the time of your booking. Alternatively see the Kit list v1.0 here.



I am a complete beginner, can I still come?

The training is structured so that every camper works 100%. It may be that your 100% is different to other campers. A great deal of care is made to structure both the intensity and encouragement given, to your needs. We have trained men & women from 16 – 62 and everyone in between. NB. Some illness and ailments will require permission from a medical doctor prior to attending any boot camp.

Can I attend your camp just for fitness?

Our fitness programmes are designed to test and nurture even the highest standards of fitness. If you are perfectly happy with your weight and image, you could attend a TEAM Bootcamp week and not only increase fitness, but have a great laugh and meet like minded people, at the same time. Many campers come to TEAM Boot camp for a much needed fitness kick… we can certainly give you that.

How does this camp differ from others?

Founders Craig & Paula decided to launch TEAM Bootcamp after working for several years within the industry. Their experiences highlighted many aspects of the client journey that could be enhanced to give a more holistic and rounded service, hence the 3d concept – Teaching you to Think, Eat & Move differently, Before, During & After you attend. Watch this video to learn more.

I am very large and I am worried that all the other campers will be really skinny and fit?

We deal with campers of all sizes and abilities. We treat everyone with the dignity they deserve.



What is the accommodation like?

The accommodation is a mix of shared, twin and double rooms. We also have a luxury VIP suite with king sized bed, en-suite with bath and shower and separate dressing room. Each room has been designed to optimise rest and is presented exceptionally well with quality beds and orthopedic mattresses and built in storage for equipment. The house also boasts a lounge and business suite for campers to relax and keep up with the emails you just can not ignore.

Do you have ice baths?

No we don’t. There is very little scientific evidence to suggest that 2 mins sat in freezing water will help you with aches and pains. Nevertheless, Craig and the trainers swear by them and if you are that way inclined, large baths and a never ending supply of icy water can be supplied 🙂

Are therapies included in the price?

Some basic treatments are included depending on your package, but on the whole therapies and treatments are extra. If you are in any doubt or wish to know more, message using either the chat facility to the right of the screen or the contact form above.