Fitness Orientated & Sports Specific Training At TEAM Bootcamp

Especially for those who's primary goal is not weight loss, but increased fitness (especially if it is specific to a certain sport)

At TEAM Bootcamp we have created a revolutionary way of training you – A lot of science and research has gone into creating it and although I will not share the full story here I will explain the foundations.


10 reasons why this programme is the most effective, most enjoyable and safest boot camp for you:

– The Most Effective Boot Camp Training In The UK
– Better, More Honest Fat Loss
– Increase Your Training & Exercise Knowledge
– Train With More Fun, Variety And Challenge
– More Suitable To Sports Specific Training & Athletic Development
– Increased Long-Term Benefits
– Psychologically Easier
– Reduced Aches, Pains and Risk of Injury
– More Sustainable After You Leave
– No Post Boot Camp Fatigue Or Illness


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At TEAM Bootcamp set an exercise foundation of high-intensity interval training using large, calorie scorching functional exercises using the bodies biggest muscles to scorch calories and get your heart and lungs working.

Better More Honest Fat Loss
Test results have shown that our weight loss is every bit as good if not better than other camps. We regularly hit double figures in 6 days training and later I will share more of the science as to why this is the case.

Every day as a school day
We like to nurture and develop your training knowledge during your stay so you can get better results at home. Just experiencing this cutting edge approach to training will change the way you see exercise for life.

More Fun, Variety And Challenge
It’s not just running around in the mud with a tyre. We have invested in a purpose built running track and military style obstacle course to add fun and increase the ‘challenge’ and the military feel and we infuse technology into your experience. We use wireless music headsets to intensify the effect of verbal commands and heart thumping fitness beats and fitness trackers are available for you to monitor your progress on the go.

More Suitable To Sports Specific Training and Athletic Development
To boil it all down we train you in a way that a professional athlete or sports person such as Jess Ennis or premiership footballers would train and it is, therefore ideal if you are preparing for a physical event or getting ready for the next season.

Increased Long-Term Benefits (Joint stability, core strength etc)

For many boot camps it is very much a flash in the pan, fad diet type affair where results are limited to a few weeks after you have left, but our experience and feedback shows that a much higher percentage of boot campers keep their results for longer as they are more sustainable and realistc.

Psychologically Easier
What would you rather? Waking tired and fatigued knowing you have to pick yourself up for the impending onslaught of relentless exercise everyday or wake to the smell of a cooked breakfast knowing that you have a few short sessions to get through before you have a little respite.

Reduced Aches, Pains and Injuries
Let’s get this right. You will have muscular soreness (Known as DOMS) but sprains, tears and repetitive stress disorders are greatly reduced with this programme because the body gets periods of rest.

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