Minimum refined sugar and processed food that controls blood sugar, boosts weight loss &
supports fitness training.

Here’s an important and simple truth… Even with the best training in the world, if your diet is terrible, it’s still extremely unlikely you’re going to look and feel the way you want to.So at TEAM Bootcamp, we have Expert In-House Paleo Chefs to create sublime, delicious and incredibly nutritious meals morning, noon and evening – to keep you full, fueled and have the fat simply melting off of you…


80-90% Of Your Results Are Dictated By The Food You Eat

And Yes! You’ll actually look forward to dinner! Paleo Diet = Food We Were Evolutionarily Designed To Eat And Find Delicious People often equate ‘diet’ with bland food, restriction, sacrifice, hunger… and it’s our aim to ensure you never feel like that again.

A Few Random Examples:

  • Bacon, Poached Egg & Avocado for Breakfast
  • Chicken & Chorizo Salad for Lunch
  • Barbecue Ribs & Sweet Potato Chips for Dinner
  • Even Caveman Brownies as a Snack!
  • team-bootcamp-chicken



AND OF COURSE: We will cater for your own personal Dietary Needs as well.


One of the main things we get complimented on here at TEAM Bootcamp is how good the food tastes, and how it subconsciously teaches our clients about better food selection and portion control for long-term gains and lasting results.

There’s also one other hidden benefit — Our menu has been designed by one of the country’s Leading Paleo Nutrition & Physical Fitness Experts, to ensure you get the very best results from your workouts here at camp… i.e. Faster Fitness, Weight Loss and Well-Being.

All That’s Left For You To Do Is Sit Back And Enjoy!

You’ll also be able to attend our Weekly Nutrition Seminars, which provide you with ALL the tools, skills and information you might need to keep this exceptional eating up at home, and keep the results coming long after you leave camp.

And in case you want to start eating ‘The TEAM Bootcamp Way’ right away… we’ve also created an e-book you can download today.

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