How to Prepare Yourself For a Fitness Boot Camp Break

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Fitness boot camp is a great place to lose weight and get fit – the high impact exercise that you will do will help you burn a lot of calories. That said, most people go into fitness boot camp with no idea that it can be a very stressful environment. In fact, many people who quit before it’s over will tell you that they had no idea that they were taking up something so tough. In order to make sure that you can stay to the end without getting overly stressed we have prepared some tips on what you should do before you go into fitness boot camp so that you are better prepared.

•;; ;Fitness boot camp, as already mentioned, is about high impact exercise. You must condition your body to deal with it. Two months before fitness boot camp, start exercising ideally with the help of an instructor. Explain to them that you will be going to fitness boot camp so that they can prepare the right exercises for you. The workouts must be daily and intense. This way, you condition your muscles so that they can survive when you get to the high impact exercises.

•;; ;It is true that you are going to fitness boot camp to lose weight but before you go there, you must nourish your body so that it can be able to do the hard tasks that you will be put through. 2 weeks before you go in start eating complete healthy meals 3 times a day and snacking on fruits and nuts in between. Each meal should comprise of a lean protein, carbohydrates and vitamins.

•;; ;You should check out the fitness boot camp instructor before you go to make sure that he has a personality that you can get along with. This is the person who will make you do things when you least feel like it and if you don’t get along with him, it makes it much easier to rebel. You should go to the boot camp before you pay for it and have a chat with him. In addition to that, check online to see what others have to say about him. Is he the kind that encourages people or is he a bully?

•;; ;You want to see results of your workout while you are in the boot camp so take before photos. Once there and have worked out hard for a few days, take after photos and compare. Even the smallest change will encourage you when you feel like quitting.

•;; ;What are your goals? Are you looking to lose weight, get fit, meet others, lose a few pant sizes, get a firmer butt? Once you have your goals it is easier to work towards them.

•;; ;Get your gear ready well ahead of time. Most boot camps provide the necessary equipment but you should make sure that you have the right clothing and shoes.

•;; ;Remember, every morning, before boot camp, drink loads of water. You will feel less tired and you can work out for longer.

If you do these things you will be ready for your fitness boot camp.

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