Long Term Programme

For those where on week just isn’t enough.



The TEAM Bootcamp Long-Termer Program


Hey! If you are reading this then you MUST have more than a few pounds to lose. Perhaps you are at your wit’s end and now you are weighing up surgery, but wonder if there is a non-surgical, healthier and more effective answer to your problem? – Well, we want to share something special with you…

In the last 3 years, we’ve helped over 1400 people reach their weight loss goals in record time… as well as helping create fitter, healthier bodies – forging stronger, more positive mental attitudes – and helping people achieve happier, more fulfilled lives. And it is with immense pleasure and pride we can finally say:


Peter – Scorched 2 Stone in 4 Weeks
*Results May Vary

All kinds of people come to TEAM Bootcamp for all kinds of reasons. Some stay for a weekend to kick-start a new weight loss program or to simply taste the best ‘Bootcamp Experience’ that keeps people coming back… we have 80% of our boot campers coming back for return visits, where other boot camps struggle to bring back 10%! Other folks stay for a week or two, to escape the world for a short while and forge the beginnings of a new lifestyle (as well as dropping a size or two). And then there’s a certain special breed of Bootcamper…

Our Long-Termers…

With a proud history of being our most successful boot campers… our long-termers are the ones who have, without exception, fully immersed themselves in boot camp life and completely changed their own lives for the better. They’ve overcome huge challenges, lost the most weight and simply astonished their friends and family – they continued on to live wonderful, fulfilled lives as their habits were cemented in place, transforming them into those naturally fit, healthy, strong-minded and confident people they always wanted (and were always destined) to be… Our Long-Termers have a very special place here in the heart of TEAM Bootcamp – and that’s why we’re offering something quite rare to celebrate all we’ve accomplished here.



OMAR – *50lbs and freedom from chronic injuries…

SUSAN – *40lbs and a new found belief in herself…

DAVE – *2 Stone in 4 Weeks and heaps more confidence…

EMILY – *66lbs and the ability to have children…

LIZ – *56lbs and dropping 4 dress sizes…

*ADAM – *1.5 Stone in 3 weeks and re-discovered his ‘mojo’…

ADAM – *60 kg in 12 weeks, no more isolation, ability to grasp life and LIVE!!!

*Emily – Lost 27 Kg
*Results May Vary

We understand that long-term boot camping isn’t for everyone… Quick Quiz – Do You Match These Qualities:

If it’s a firm YES to each, then The Long-Termer program IS the option that’s guaranteed to get you the results you want. And since we limited places available for the next intake… let’s start visualizing.



  • *4-12 Weeks Of The Ultimate TEAM Bootcamp Experience…

    We created TEAM Bootcamp to provide something different, more holistic (and dare we say ‘better’?) for our boot campers than what was being offered by everyone else in the boot camp world… to change lives for the better.
    We make sure to BALANCE the work with recovery – intensity with relaxation & comfort… and the thrill of personal achievement with the most wonderful family atmosphere you could hope for. It’s a truly unique experience that will deliver you to your goals, and provide some very fond memories.

  • Unprecedented Weight Loss & Well-Being…

    Ultimately you’ll be rewarded with what feels like a reinvented body, that moves easier and free of pain, with more energy than ever before, healthier looking skin, and the leaner, all around sexier shape you deserve.

  • Luxury Accommodation & Top Class ‘Paleo’ Cuisine…

    All of our rooms are furnished warmly and tastefully, with luxurious beds and orthopaedic mattresses. You have the option to choose the room you stay in, even one of our VIP suites, with double beds and en-suite bathrooms – all our bathrooms have deep baths to end the day with a warm glow.
    And let’s not forget, you’ll be nourished throughout the day by our Master ‘Paleo’ Chef, who prepares fresh, all-natural ingredients to create wonderfully tasty meals that not only satisfy but heal from the inside as well.

  • SALLY-before-after*Results May Vary



    It doesn’t matter what has come before now – only that you want the results. It only matters that you want to make these changes. And if that’s the case, this is your best opportunity to make those changes and for those changes to stick forever. So no more fads, no more crash diets – and BANISH the thought of weight loss surgery… when one of our Long-Termers started with us, she was unable to walk 200m without a rest… she smashed a 1/2 Marathon and is preparing for her first full marathon. Not everything is achievable just by ourselves… it sometimes takes a little support and encouragement, from like-minded and like-hearted people. Then – the whole world opens up its doors and everything becomes possible. If it feels right to you – then it is. And since we’re celebrating, we’re making sure to spread the good vibes and save you literally thousands of pounds on this life-changing experience.


    We know there will be a couple of well-founded objections to this life changing program. Firstly, price, but also the fact that not everyone can spare the time away from work and from family for more than a couple of weeks, but here’re 2 things you should be aware of:


    HEALTH TRUTH #1 – If you fail to take time off for your health now, you will be FORCED to take time off for it in the future!!! …and it will NOT be on your terms.


    HEALTH TRUTH #2 – If you’re waiting for the stars to line up making this the right time then you will be waiting a very long time! It is NEVER the right time and the best way to get started is to get started!  


    The Secret We Really Don’t Want Other Campers To Know…

    The cost of this program is very much dependent on what you are looking to achieve and how long you would like to stay, but here’s the dirty TEAM Bootcamp secret that we really don’t want others to know. As long-termers you receive the most support, training, advice and instruction for the least money.

    We also guarantee that the price will be  less than what you’d pay to stay at a decent Bed & Breakfast… and that’s without the country’s best Training, Body Transformation and Paleo Cuisine!

    Currently, we are offering an all-inclusive, 12 week Conquer Food program with huge savings

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    I’m Ready To Change My Life…

    Love & Best Wishes, Paula & Craig And The TEAM Bootcamp Family


    P.S. We know, it’s really easy to put off a decision like this… And surely you’ve seen it yourself time and time again – those who delay, only make the work harder for themselves in the future, and it only takes longer to achieve their ideal body. This is the single best opportunity to achieve the body you desire. All you have to do is call us, have a quick chat and book one of the limited ‘Long-Termer’ Bootcamp Packages…


    Otherwise – How long are you willing to stay unhappy with your body? If the answer is ‘Not A Moment Longer’… Awesome! Click the button and become one of our Special 2017 Long-Termers.


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