Meeting your needs and dispelling your fears at TEAM Bootcamp

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Getting started at the UK’s best boot camp…

At TEAM Bootcamp we have been involved in the boot camp and fitness industry for quite a while. We have a pretty good grip on your needs and the fears you may have when working out if a residential military style boot camp is for you!

Let me try and ease a few of the more common worries:

rsz_1rsz_144Need for results!!!
You have probably tried everything. In fact you are probably half way through the latest crash diet or fitness fad and you NEED to see and feel progress. For many, coming to boot camp is a last ditch effort. There is a few that stay with us for the hard physical challenge, but the majority are just trying to get their image, health and wellbeing back on track and need to kick-start their fitness.

Now signing up to boot camp doesn’t mean you will automatically drop 10lbs (The average weight loss in a 7 day stay at TEAM Bootcamp) that most campers achieve, but our programme is tried and tested and, as long as you stick to the regime, will guarantee results. Remember that TEAM Bootcamp will not only give you rapid weight loss, but we also support you before, during and long after your stay, in creating changes to your lifestyle for life. We help you maximise your results, using them as a foundation to build on to ensure you remain fit and healthy for life. Now that’s value for money!

Need to be selfish in pursuit of their goals!!!
Modern day living is pretty hectic, we get all kinds of clients from mums to legal, medical and clerical professionals and business owners… each looking to cut away from the lifestyle that’s failing them. Each searching for the time and space to concentrate on their goals without interference from busy work schedules or family members.

At TEAM Boot camp we enforce a strict limit on connection to the outside world. Obviously you can crack a little work in the evenings if you so wish and broadband will allow you to get that all important deal sealing email out, but other than that… you’re here for you and we do everything reasonable to ensure you have a clear mind in order to concentrate on finally making the progress you need.

rsz_bootcampNeed to be motivated… guided, restricted and accountable!!!
OK it’s a military style boot camp. There truly is no compromise. It’s tough, but expertly scaled to ALL abilities. We mentioned before how being left to your own devices never quite gets the results you want. You need expert advice and guidance, restricted access to unhealthy foods which you cannot seem to resist and you need a hairy assed ex-military man to make sure your up and ready to train!!! Often it’s not enough to just do your best… sometimes you have to do what’s required!!!

Need for clarity!!!
With all the ‘noise’ in modern day life there is a real need for clarity. At TEAM we work with you to cut through all the diet and fitness myths. We want you to go home with renewed habits and a thorough understanding of training and nutrition.

With those needs met, what about the fears you may be feeling?

Fear of pain
As you sit thinking about boot camp, you will undoubtedly be worried about the aches and pains you will experience. Unfortunately you will have a few aches because of the training, but our training regime has been specially designed to reduce soreness and we also have a sports therapist on hand who teaches you how to manage the discomfort.

Fear of being shouted at
A little ‘loud motivation’ comes with the boot camp territory, but our trainers are very aware that you are not an elite military recruit. We like to create a disciplined no compromise atmosphere and we like to challenge campers, but you will NEVER be asked to do anything that the TEAM do not feel is within your capabilities. Care is taken to ensure nobody feels bullied, singled out or embarrassed.

Fear of failure
Basically forget the idea of failure right now. You are not doing this alone. All the staff our here to help you succeed and give you the very best chance of success.

Fear of injury
The injury rate at TEAM Bootcamp is incredibly low compared to all other boot camps in the UK. Our revolutionary boot camp regime is incredibly effective in preventing and managing injuries. However… exercise is stress on the body and if you stress something too much it will break.

Watch this video as Trainers Danny and Will help dispel your fears

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