TEAM 017 – Interview With Matt Discussing How We Take So Much In Life For Granted & Big Health Hitters That Make The World Of Difference.

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Matt-Ireland-InterviewWelcome to the TEAM Bootcamp podcast where we teach you to Think, Eat & Move Better in the gym, on the move or whenever you need a little positivity or guidance with your fitness journey.

This is the one where I interview Health & Vitality Coach Matt Ireland and discuss…

  • How we take so much our health for granted and how delicate it can be.
  • The biggest factors in becoming healthier and reaching our goals
  • The number one food you simply cannot live without
  • plus much more.

More About Matt

Matt helps his clients to lead a healthier life by making small changes to their lifestyle (the things they do every day). First Matt will find out the goal of his client and then he takes a look at what they are doing in their day to day life that prevents then from getting there. The art of his service is offering the support, knowledge and accountability that will take his client to their goal. For example, we all know what we should be doing to live a healthier life but the hard part is making doing it. As humans we resist change and when life is fast paced and busy, or we have a number of commitments that need to be taken care of before we can focus on our own needs it easy to make excuses that mean we never have to change, and our goal remains a dream. Matt works with his clients to make small changes that will slowly take them towards their goal, that can be easily integrated into their current life commitments or obligations.


If you would like to learn more, Matt offers a free ‘Healthier Lifestyle Consultation’ where he discusses your goals, takes a look at your lifestyle to see what you do that prevents you from reaching your goals and how to correct it.


Matt can be contacted on 07821 810 474 or

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Thank you to Matt


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