The Helping Hands of Weight Loss Camp UK NHS for Obese Children

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It cannot be denied that obesity has already been a rampant health issue around the world. In the UK, obesity has been regarded as one of the leading causes of death; however, this may be preventable. In 2016 of February, a health secretary in the UK named Jeremy Hunt has described that obesity in children is being labelled as a ‘national emergency’. If this problem has not been taken care of, the WHO (World Health Organization) has predicted that in 2020, one-third of the UK’s population may be suffering from overweight or obesity.

Through different surveys and analysis data on the population’s health status, the government, as well as health advocates, have took the effort in encouraging people who are obese, especially children, to take part in the weight loss camp UK NHS, which aims to bring back the normal body mass index and maintain a healthy lifestyle for an individual’s entire life.

In schools, overweight and obese children are prone to hurtful bullyings like being called ‘fat boy’ or ‘fat lady’. This situation will not help children in their school lives and this will result in depression in many forms. To avoid this, some weight loss camp UK NHS has formulated ways to help children lose weight and offer them a healthy life like normal children have.

Some children in town can be sponsored by their local trust in order to support a child’s weight loss program. These campsites offer a long-term solution for overweight children so that they may have a brighter life in the future. The camp offers a summer program in order not to disrupt school month. After, a 24 week follow up routine is established. The parents also have a role in this program in order to encourage a child more to lose weight and not to give up. Some roles will include:

  • Parents should be effective role models, which mean that children obey or learn by example.
  • Encourage children to do a 1-hour exercise routine. It is also best that parents will participate as well.
  • Offer small meal servings. At home, children should be monitored for the quality and quantity of their intake to avoid overeating habits.
  • Provide healthy meals. This includes incorporating fruits and vegetables and discouraging fast food intake.
  • Discourage too much television  or playing computer games but it is best to have a, well, undisturbed sleep
  • All out support. This will help children motivations to the highest level.

In the participation of weight loss camp UK NHS and the parents, it is more likely that children will participate effectively in weight loss. This program does not only help children in the UK but it helps motivate other nations to maintain good health among children.

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