Weight Loss Camp Week Long Experience

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People may find exercise a new thing especially when they don’t include it in their daily routines. As the problem of obesity still rises its number of incidence, health related diseases also becomes a threat in a person’s body if obesity and overweight is not controlled. If people are more conscious of their health condition, the world will be full of healthy individuals who performs physical activities in a daily basis and eat nutritious food. However, as obesity is becoming a bad trend, weight loss camp week was invented.

Day 1

This will be the start of your fitness journey. You have to pack your bags the day before because you want to be early and must not forget all your necessities. This will be your first day so expect to be oriented first of the venue, instructors, co-campers, programs and different facilities and amenities. The rules will be given and you may expect that you will slightly be stripped off from your bad habits to a healthier lifestyle.

Day 2

You will wake up earlier that your normal waking hours. At the start of the day, you will jog or run. As expected you may feel very exhausted and to a point that you will give up, but don’t!

Day 3

Again, you’ll wake up a little earlier also breakfast will be serve early as well. Another exercise routine but this time you may experience pain from your second day’s exercise and that’s normal because your muscle is stretching.

Day 4

The routine is still there: waking early with physical activities. This time, a nutritional counsellor will discuss a diet plan which will help you know the healthy meals that you can take to make your body healthy.

Day 5

This day, even though the routine is the same (waking up early and exercise), you may feel a little excitement and motivated for the day. You can experience a good feeling for your day because you already got used to the routine for the past 4 days.


You will experience self-fulfillment from your hiking journey. This is the time that you will apply what you have learned in the weight loss camp week throughout the rest of your life and make it a habit.

Day 7

Congratulations! This is your last day of the week and you have surpassed the challenges and life changing experiences to achieve a healthier lifestyle in the future.

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