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About The Conquer Food & Sugar Rehab Programme

How to beat food & Sugar addiction

Obesity and food addiction are complex problems with no single cause. It’s often the result of an accumulation of factors, including genetics, environment and lifestyle choices.

The obesity epidemic is getting worse every year – especially in the UK, where one in four adults are obese or overweight. And it’s not just adults who are affected; childhood obesity rates have tripled since 1980 to over 20%.

The problem is, they are trying to lose weight without addressing the underlying cause for this condition which is an unhealthy relationship with food.

Conquer Food & Sugar Rehab programme is a guaranteed way to lose weight while addressing many underlying triggers to unhealthy eating. The programme combines the latest research with practical tools, coaching support and accountability from day one. Participants will learn how to handle triggers for overeating, build healthy habits that last long-term and finally lose weight in an empowering manner – No gimmicks. No unsustainable diets… Just great results.

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