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TV Presenter & actor Miriam Margoyles visit researching BBC 2 weight loss documentary | Miriam’s Big Fat Adventure

Miriam Margoyles halts filming to pass wind during visit BBC 2 weight loss documentary visit to TEAM Bootcamp

‘Miriam Margolyes loves her life but loathes her body. Given a choice, she would happily swap it for Claudia Winkleman’s – but she knows that will never happen. In her words, Miriam has been fat ever since she can remember – it has overshadowed her life. Now aged 78, she knows the time to do something about it is running out.’ (Courtesy BBC)

Miriam Meets Georgia

In the latest Miriam Margolyes documentary, Miriam travels the country to learn about fat loss in order to discover why, despite so much information about healthy lifestyles, our nation is at its most overweight ever. She wants to understand what impact being obese has on people and how the rest of society views them. She begins in this episode by meeting people fighting back against their size – physically and psychologically… right here at TEAM Bootcamp.

Miriam Margolyes Bootcamp experience can be seen in the short compilation above or on BBC Player by clicking the button below.

During the fat loss documentary, Miriam spoke with Team Bootcamp long-termer Georgia Cutting. We asked her about Miriam and her incredible 9 stone weight loss journey in this episode of the Conquer Food Podcast.

Miriam was crazy but so much fun. I was shocked just how much her weight effected her.’ – Georgia

The film crew stayed with TEAM for 3 days and was amazed at how we blend the mindset training with military-style fitness and fat loss. Miriam was friendly and approachable throughout and cut deep into the root causes of obesity with her trademark ‘no-nonsense’ questions.

I felt the documentary was a very good and transparent insight into TEAM Bootcamp and our inspirational clients. Although Miriam couldn’t really participate completely she was inspired to move more and sometimes, that’s all we want. – Craig. TEAM Bootcamp Co-Founder

The visit electrified boot camp and even Co-Founder Paula was a little star-struck.

Meeting Miriam was a dream and it was great to see she was exactly the same behind the camera as she is on TV. She even stoped filming for a second so she could break wind in front of a group of campers.

We chatted about leg envy and weight loss issues and I am delighted with how the whole documentary came across’ – Paula Williams, Co-Founder of TEAM Bootcamp

Miriams Big Fat Adventure is available to download and stream from the BBC Player website. Click the button below.

If you want to learn more about TEAM Bootcamp book your fat camp break visit our home page.

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