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Understanding how it Works: Weight Loss Camp for Seniors

Obesity is being the number one problem of most people today; medical practitioners and physicians have been using the body mass index (BMI) to determine and diagnose obese people. If a person is not being worked up from being obese, there is a higher chance of developing serious mental health conditions, which can lead to death.

Technically, obesity progresses if a person consumes too many calories in a day which exceeds the normal caloric requirement of the body. For older adults ageing 50 to 70 years old, it has been calculated in statistics that around 15 to 30 per cent of them are obese. Causes of obesity among senior citizens have been identified as both genetically inclined and through environmental factors.

Genetics play a role because obesity may run in the family bloodline. The genetic link has been studied for so long that it has something to do with the body’s process to store and process fat in the system. Obesity is also brought by environmental factors like the processed-foods that we eat, a sedentary lifestyle that reduces physical activity and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Because of this alarming trend, a weight loss camp for seniors has been developed.

The aim of the camp is to incorporate back a healthy diet and constant exercise among the elders. An improvement of their physical activity will depend on the different programs the camp will offer. A well-planned weight loss program will improve their blood pressure and blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. However, before a senior can participate in weight loss, he or she must seek consultation from their doctor to clear them out if they are fit to participate in such activities.

  • Exercise program- In the weight loss camp for seniors, the exercise program should concentrate more on strength development. Low impact activities are safe for seniors like swimming, walking and bicycling to put into consideration their present physical status.
  • A Sensible diet- This will be a challenging part because food content should be prepared seriously. If given the right diet program, and older adult will achieve weight loss.
  • Continuous drug Therapy- We cannot deny the fact that older people are given medications as maintenance throughout life. This should not be disregarded and much still be included in the program.

In order to maintain good health among people around the world, all age groups must be given weight loss programs depending on their needs. In this way, people will be kept motivated to execute a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

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