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Use of a Weight Loss Camp TV Show for Motivation

Are you a mother with an overweight 15-year-old or you as an obese teenager that needs the motivation to cut some calories? Reality TV shows just like Style Network’s “Too Fat for 15: Fighting Back” is just right for you to keep that goal going. This weight loss camp TV show looks at the lives of participating teenagers at weight loss in Wellspring.

Debuted on the 9th of August 2010, “Too Fat for 15: Fighting Back” is a television series that chronicles the challenges and triumphs faced by the teenagers at Wellspring Academies. The teenager participants take on obesity and they work for the improvement of their fitness, academic lives, and health. Here, teenagers and young adults are given the opportunity to permanently lose their weight, to learn to have a healthy living and to take good charge of their academics in the future.

In “The Big Fat Truth” of Z Living, participants are handed with the necessary information and tools to attain their long-term health as opposed to the radical yet quick solutions. This reality TV show notes the significance of a healthy lifestyle for continuous work and maintenance on your physical fitness. Its primary aim is to address the problem of regaining the hard-to-lose weight of the contestants as the show ends.

Transform your unhealthy lifestyle into a healthy one at A&E’s “From Fit to Fat to Fit” noting the significance of the bond between a client and a trainer. What’s unique about this show is the fact that trainers themselves underwent a dramatic weight-gain transformation so that they can better relate to their overweight clients. They are then reunited with their clients and work together so they will be able to reach the weight they want to attain.

Makeover show “Strong” by NBC does not only focus on weight loss but more on searching for a balance between mind and body. Contestants work to overcome their physical and mental challenges, become stronger, and be better versions of themselves along the process. The show even sheds light on the misconceived fitness of society.

Make the most of your time in losing your weight and keep a healthy lifestyle with the help of one of the weight loss camp TV show mentioned above. Keep motivated and stay fit wherever and whenever you can.

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