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Weight Loss Stories | Losing 2.5 Stone in a Month With Mark Neale

Conquer Food Podcast

I’ve got great guests for you today, with some mega insight into a massive chunk of weight loss. His name’s Mark Neale and in 33 days, get this, lost 17 kilos! Just under three stone!

Mark: Okay. Well, I’m a, I’m 52, and, I’ve always been a bodybuilder, always been in the gym, joined the army as a teenager, and that sort of started my fitness regime. Recently I have had a lot of personal and business problems. That just leads to no motivation to train, lots of motivation to eat the wrong things, to make yourself feel better. So all of my muscle tone went, and then I just built fat and started eating and drinking too much.

So I got to a stage where I looked physically repulsive to me. And, I knew that if I went back to the gym, got my head in the right place, I could change it.

I just started to think I needed to do something intensive, something really significant. My life had come to a big crossroads, so I had a natural break in my professional life and natural break in my personal life. I just started searching the internet for a residential boot camp and that led me here

Were you nervous? I mean, what things were you worried about?

Yeah, very nervous. With everything on the internet, it just really felt for me. I wanted a complete reset for me. TEAM Bootcamp is such a, a warm, happy place to be other than the hard physical commitment you’ve got to give.

When I pulled up in the car the first Friday I turned up here and I remember pulling it into the driveway and my heart started racing.

So when you’ve arrived at camp had you set some expectations for yourself?

Physically I hadn’t done anything for four years. Nothing! And, even though in my head, I’ve got all the memory and I’ve got all the images in my mind of what I’ve achieved physically over the years and how I’ve looked. I just knew all that counted for nothing and was willing to what I needed to do to get my results. I wasn’t afraid physically but I was apprehensive cause I wasn’t sure how much my body, 52 years old, how much my body could take. But there’s been people through boot camp, 60 plus years old.

Yeah. What have you learned about yourself since being at camp?

I’ve completely changed my attitude towards how or interact with foods. I’m looking at. I now spend probably three times longer in a shop because I’m looking at all the labels for kind of what’s in the ingredient list. And even though I will know at a glance now, I’m now consciously making better decisions about what fuel I put into my body.

I was drinking five or six Costa coffees a day before I came here. Not because I need caffeine because I just, I like it. I’ve quickly learned, you can like something but not need it. I’ve never taken sugar for many, many years, but again, didn’t really understand how much sugar was hidden in fruit drinks and things. I’ve been really well educated in the first month of being a boot camp for sure.

What surprised you about losing weight or weight loss in general that you’ve learnt at team boot camp?

I’m really surprised at how little food I need to keep my body working. Honestly, I really thought I’m going to be hungry and I absolutely have to say honestly… I’ve haven’t been hungry.

Can you give listeners one tip for training, one tip of food 7 one tip for mindset?

The only advice I can think of giving anyone that’s going to come into this environment is you’ve just got to push yourself to the absolute limit. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve.

What about a tip for food?

Only because it’s been drilled into us by the trainers… make sure you have lots of colourful food. If you look at a plate of colour, it’s gonna be, a really healthy, exciting plate of food because it will be scattered with vegetables and different styles of meats.

What about something that helps you maintain a positive mindset?
Find all the best qualities in other people and import them into your own life and then spread that knowledge as much as you can.

What does your future for you look like?

So knowing what I’ve achieved in that first month, 17 kilos. , I can’t even, I can’t even guess where I’m going to be at the end of my journey because all I know that this natural break that we’ve, we’re having to live with when we do start again, my body will be shocked again.
Like it was in that first week and my first week I lost 12 pounds in one week!

Thanks for sharing your story, it’s gonna be interesting to see where you are at the end.