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The peripherals of preparing for a boot camp properly.

Different people have different perceptions and definitions of a boot camp. Some think of boot camps as a place full of beautiful girls doing some jogging and some squats. Others think of masculine men sweating profusely every time they hear of a boot camp. Whichever, definition suits your view best, one thing stands out! If you do not prepare properly for a boot camp, you will end up with an aching body. Worse still, you might feel out place throughout the boot camp exercise. To avoid this, you ought to prepare your body and mind in equal measure. Here is a guideline on how to prepare for such an event.

However, before you go ahead and read through thinking that is all and about it take care! Boot camp events are not for the faint hearted. They involve rigorous exercises such as body weight exercises and sprinting. Standard workout sessions last up to one hour. Therefore, you have to work hard and have some self-drive for the guidelines to work as expected.

Proper planning: planning involves conducting some background study. The kind of outcome you expect informs your plan of action. For instance, there are boot camps specially designed for particular groups. Different boot camps (outdoor instructor-led classes) have different approaches. You ought to research on what activities they concentrate on and what that means for the outcome. Based on this information, decide on one that best fits your expectations.

Research about your leader: Leaders determine your success at the boot camp. It is vital to make sure that your instructor has a certification on boot camp training. A simple enquiry will confirm this. Once you know about his/her training and experience, embark on reading reviews. Information from the reviews helps you determine your trainers character. A trainer should be someone your respect and not one you fear. Fear could lead to underperformance and consequently result in the lack of achieving goals. You can even consider watching the proposed leader conduct a few training sessions just to determine if he fits the bill.

Know your strengths: once you have picked up a group, it is important to gauge if you are all on the same level. Do not be afraid speak out if any exercises prove too hard. It is also advisable that you go through your medical history with your trainer. It helps determine what kind of exercises to avoid.

Acquainting yourself with the boot camp scene: While most boot camp organizers provide proper clothing, it is important that you bring some of your own. You should also practice some of the moves prior to the actual boot camp. Also, take some water with you to keep you hydrated throughout the sessions.

Balancing between health and fitness: While you would like to keep fit, it might pose some health danger if not done right. Take carbohydrate-based snacks such as whole grain and vegetables about one or two hours before the workout to avoid health complications. It keeps the blood sugar and energy levels high during the workout. You should also take electrolytes after the class to keep up the balance.

Have fun! Finally, it is important that you play your part in the team. Encourage others and you will get lots of that too.

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