No Tasteless Diet Food | No Hunger | Beginners To Advanced | Long Term Specialists


No Tasteless Diet Food | No Hunger | Beginners To Advanced | Long Term Specialists


No Tasteless Diet Food | No Hunger | Beginners To Advanced | Long Term Specialists


No Tasteless Diet Food | No Hunger | Beginners To Advanced | Long Term Specialists

TEAM Bootcamp
Kickstart fitness & weight loss today
TEAM was created to provide you with two important things…
  1. “Maximum Possible Weight Loss In The Shortest Space Of Time”
  2. “A Place For You To Unplug From The World & Completely Reset”

Weight Loss and Body Image are tied into just about every other facet of our lives. It affects our confidence, our choices, our relationships and ultimately our happiness.

Both Paula & Craig (the TEAM Bootcamp Founders) have personally known the trials and tribulations of being overweight and unhappy with how they look.

They also know the feeling of getting things back in check, on track – and being able to enjoy their fitter, happier, healthier bodies once again. There are so many demands placed on you in today’s world… work, family, friends… it’s difficult to place the focus purely on YOU. So making healthy choices and taking time out to exercise becomes harder and harder.

That’s why here at TEAM Bootcamp, the focus IS purely on YOU.

Did You Know?

To Be Better You Must Become Better. T.E.A.M. Stands For Think Eat & Move Better!

THINK Better

EAT Better

MOVE Better

Lose up to 12 pounds in a week!

Famed for our hard, uncompromising training on the outside – and our warm, soft and caring environment on the inside… TEAM Bootcamp provides everything you’d need to go from drained, sluggish and lacking the confidence to refreshed, revitalized and brimming with pride in a week!

It’s the perfect place to be, when you need to rapidly lose weight or when your current lifestyle is failing you… or simply failing to provide you with the happiness and contentment you desire.


TEAM Bootcamp uses its revolutionary 3-Dimensional Approach to get better results than you’ve ever experienced before from any other boot camp, diet or workout program ever before.

We aim to help you THINK, EAT AND MOVE better – so you can KEEP your results for life!

Our ultra-effective, Military Health & Fitness Camps run EVERY SINGLE WEEK, utilizing a revolutionary training program that speeds up weight loss results and reduces injury and fatigue.

Recent media coverage
TEAM Bootcamp regularly feature in the mainstream media and have provided extreme weight loss advice and support to ITV & The Jeremy Kyle show since 2016.

Open Weeks of the Year

Happy Clients

Tonnes of Fat Scorched in 2018


5 Star Reviews

Why Choose Team Bootcamp

5 Reasons To Choose TEAM To Kickstart Your Fitness & Rapid Weight Loss

Reduced Injury risk

The TEAM Bootcamp train SMARTER, not harder approach dramatically reduces the risk of injury.

Get Tasty Diet Food

We promote good wholesome food that will regulate fat storage in the body and provide the energy and nutrients you need to succeed at camp.

Reduced Bloating & More Energy

Our secret weapon in looking and feeling great. The carefully constructed menu will reduce gluten, grain and cereal intake to leave you feeling clean and energised.

Fun & Varied Training

Never the same dull circuit twice. we have scoured the boot camp and military circles and have selected the very best trainers packed with empathy and trained to scale each session and individual exercise to your abilities.

Home From Home

Not the sole reason you book with us, but essential during your stay. Paula and the team work tirelessly to make camp a home from home, devoid of negativity and charged with happiness and friendliness.

Online Aftercare Programme

We help you before, during and long after your stay with vibrant online support community and a comprehensive online training & nutrition website.

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Military-Style Boot Camp Retreats Running Every Week of The Year
TEAM Bootcamp
You Will
Although results differ, you can expect to lose between 8-14 lbs in a week!!!
By far the greatest benefit you will experience from your time at TEAM Bootcamp is very rapid weight loss and very dramatic image change. Our average weight loss figures are highly transparent and published each week.

Improved Fitness & Health

We aim to train you smarter NOT JUST HARDER. We are not a camp to run you into the ground. Our reduced impact training smart training protocol creates increased performance and physical ability throughout every component of health & fitness.

Breaking Through Your Limits

You’ll be pushed to your limits every session, and you’ll have the opportunity to break right through them and achieve unprecedented results – giving you a newer, deeper confidence, knowing you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Authentic ‘No Compromise’ Military Style Training

Work with the UK’s Best Trainers for an unparalleled experience. Not only has each trainer undergone service with the British Forces to develop peak discipline and a hardworking attitude, they have all completed the highest possible fitness training accolades to supercharge your progress.

Real-World Tools For Lifetime Results

We’re going to take the weight off your shoulders as well as your waistline… In addition to effective training, TEAM Bootcamp educate, coach and support your emotional and nutritional needs before, during and after your stay.



It may come as no surprise – but the longer you’re on the ‘weight loss journey’, the trickier it can become to keep getting results… so we’ve successfully dealt with that. TEAM Bootcamp is the only boot camp in the UK that’s developed a true long-term strategy to effectively facilitate long-term campers, who are in this for the long haul.

Both Primal & Plant-Based Nutrition

No Hunger or Tasteless Diet Food
Think | Eat | Move Better
No Tasteless Diet Food Here
80-90% Of Your Results Are Dictated By The Food You Eat

Here’s an important and simple truth… Even with the best training in the world, if your diet is terrible, it’s still extremely unlikely you’re going to look and feel the way you want to.

So at TEAM Bootcamp, we have expert in-house chefs to create sublime, delicious and incredibly nutritious primal & plant-based meals morning, noon and evening And Yes! You’ll actually look forward to dinner!

What is Primal Nutrition

Plant-based nutirtion is exactly what the name suggestions. Our plant-based option is both vegan and vegetarian friendly. Our food foundatins are minimumal refined Sugar and processed food to control blood sugar, boost weight loss & support the fitness training. Thereby keeping you fuller and fueled for longer and cause the fat to simply melt off of you…

What Is Primal Nutrition? = Food We Were Evolutionarily Designed To Eat And Find Delicious People often equate ‘diet’ with bland food, restriction, sacrifice, hunger… and it’s our aim to ensure you never feel like that again.

A Few Examples:

  • Bacon, Poached Egg & Avocado for Breakfast
  • Chicken & Chorizo Salad for Lunch
  • Barbecue Ribs & Sweet Potato Chips for Dinner
  • Even Caveman Brownies for snacks!



One of the main things we get complimented on here at TEAM Bootcamp is how good the food tastes, and how it subconsciously teaches our clients about better food selection and portion control. Both vital for long-term gains and lasting results.

There’s also one other hidden benefit — Our menu has been designed by one of the country’s leading paleo & plant-based nutrition & physical fitness experts, to ensure you get the very best results from your workouts here at camp… i.e. Faster Fitness, Weight Loss and Well-Being.

All That’s Left For You To Do Is Sit Back And Enjoy!

You’ll also be able to attend our Weekly Nutrition workshops, which provide you with ALL the tools, skills and information you might need to keep this exceptional eating up at home and keep the results coming long after you leave camp.

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Train Smarter, Not Just Harder With The Latest Training Protocols
Think | Eat | Move Better
Smart Training
The Best Results With The Least Injuries & Fatigue.
Without a doubt, TEAM Bootcamp boasts the finest Physical Training Team in the country, if not the world and we invest heavily in training and coaching our team to ensure you not only get the very best results possible during your stay… but you also have the best possible experience.


Wet-Weather Indoor Training Facility

Best Results in The Shortest Time
This is great news for you…Because all that’s left for you to do to get the very most from our specialized training is simple:

1) Trust In The Process… &
2) Try Your Best…

If you put these two things in place, then we’ve taken care of ALL the rest for you. Your speed, endurance, flexibility and (most importantly) waistline will all be improved. Your results will be nothing short of mind-blowing.

And that’s our promise to you.


Friday – Evening

18:30-19:30 – Arrival

20:00 – Welcome Brief & Orientation


Saturday – High-Intensity Day

06:00 – Weigh In

07:00 – Ice Breakers & Contract Setting

08:00 – Breakfast

09:00 – Military-style Circuit Boot Camp

10:30 – Break & Snacks

11:00 – Boxing Interval Circuit

12:00 – Break

12:30 – Circuit Training

13:30 – Lunch

14:30 – Team Challenge

15:30 – Break & Snacks

14:30 – Stretch

18:00 – Dinner


Sunday – Active Recovery Days

08:00 – Breakfast

09:00 – Nutrition Theory Sessions

10:30 – Hike

13:30 – Lunch

14:30 – Low-Intensity Session

15:30 – Break & Snacks

16:00 – Meditation / Group Coaching

18:00 – Dinner


Monday – High-Intensity Day

07:00 – Long Steady State Session

08:00 – Breakfast

09:00 – Military-style Circuit Boot Camp

10:30 – Break & Snacks

11:00 – Boxing Interval Circuit

12:00 – Break

12:30 – Circuit Training

13:30 – Lunch

14:30 – Team Challenge

15:30 – Break & Snacks

14:30 – Stretch

18:00 – Dinner


Tuesday – Active Recovery Days

08:00 – Breakfast

09:00 – Exercise Theory Sessions

10:30 – Hike

13:30 – Lunch

14:30 – Low-Intensity Session

15:30 – Break & Snacks

16:00 – Meditation / Group Coaching

18:00 – Dinner


Wednesday – High-Intensity Day

07:00 – Long Steady State Session

08:00 – Breakfast

09:00 – Military-style Circuit Boot Camp

10:30 – Break & Snacks

11:00 – Boxing Interval Circuit

12:00 – Break

12:30 – Circuit Training

13:30 – Lunch

14:30 – Team Challenge

15:30 – Break & Snacks

14:30 – Stretch

18:00 – Dinner


Thursday – Challenge Day

08:00 – Breakfast

09:00 – Benchmark Challenge 1

11:00 – Break & Snacks

11:30 – Benchmark Challenge 2

13:30 – Lunch

14:30 – DIY Session / Power Hour

15:30 – Break & Snacks

14:30 – Wash Up & Prize Giving

17:30 – Dinner


Friday AM

07:00 – Weigh Out

08:00 – Breakfast

09:00-10:00 – Departure (Rest day for long-termers and campers staying for more than 1 week)


TEAM Bootcamp Training is not your usual training (which is why you get superior results). Our Training works equally well for those in search of Massive Weight Loss, as it does for Elite Military Forces and Professional Athletes – Because it’s tailored to YOUR ability. This means you’ll be able to participate fully and get maximum personal results, alongside your fellow campers, who will range across all levels of physical ability.

Another reason TEAM Bootcamp Training is going to get better results for you is that we have struck the perfect balance between Work and Recovery. Unlike other boot camps that simply aim to run you into the ground until you’ve got nothing left (increasing the chance of injury and illness) – we ensure you’re always fit and able to give it your all, being able to work at a higher level, and get even more out of your training.

We include daily clinics, enforced rest, active recovery days and an all-out rest day for those staying with us longer than a week, to facilitate ‘recovery’.

Don’t be fooled though – The ‘Work’ is designed to push you further than you ever thought your body could take you, which is a truly life-changing experience for many.

It’s been described as being like flicking a mental switch, which proves to yourself that you’re capable of so much more than you previously believed you were. This training not only forges a much fitter, healthier and happier body in the shortest time possible – it also gives you an inner strength you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

We’ve invested a lot in making sure TEAM Bootcamp has the best possible facilities to train you to the best possible standard and delivery you the best possible result.

This Includes:

  • Custom Built Assault Course – Numerous obstacles that require a range of movements and components of fitness to negotiate and conquer – RETURNING SOON!!!
  • 35 Acres Of Training Ground – A gorgeous setting that facilitates intense training and plenty of room to move around with a variety of circuits!
  • Weights, Pads & Bars – Plenty of equipment for all abilities to keep your muscles working and strengthening, to give you a firmer shape and burn more calories!

All Our Boot Camp Training is Scaled To Your Abilities

From Absolute Beginner To All-Out Gym Bunny!
Think | Eat | Move Better
Best Boot Camp Location
Home From Home.
The accommodation at Eardington Manor is designed to make you feel like you’re getting a nice big hug at the end of an intensely productive day, where you can rest, recover and relax in luxury… while unplugging from the world and putting your mind completely at ease.
  • Luxurious & homely
  • Dedicated location open every week of the year
  • Wi-Fi access for when you need to ‘plug back in’
  • Soft cotton bedding for the perfect sleep environment
  • Lounges & gardens for idyllic & meditative strolls
  • Outdoor pool for relaxation & rehabilitation (Summer only)
The accommodation at Eardington Manor is designed to make you feel like you’re getting a nice big hug at the end of an intensely productive day, where you can rest, recover and relax in luxury… while unplugging from the world and putting your mind completely at ease.

We have a mix of Shared, Twin and Double Rooms, as well as Luxury VIP Suites with King-Sized Beds, En-Suite Bathrooms (with bath and shower), as well as separate dressing rooms.

Each room is designed to optimize rest and is furnished and decorated beautifully, with quality beds and orthopaedic mattresses with built-in storage for the kit, equipment and the necessities.

The Manor also boasts a spacious lounge for campers to relax, play games, watch television, movies or simply chat the evening away… and of course, we have 7 acres of gorgeous country landscape and gardens to enjoy as well, if you feel up to it!

We chose Eardington Manor as our primary location because it is quite simply the perfect health & fitness retreat – with an incredibly warming, welcoming and homely feel.

Each Room Has An Elegant, Simple And Relaxed Feel To It And Is Fully Optimized For Total Rest And Recuperation

Luxury Bell Tents Swedish Style Cabin Shared & Shared En-Suite Twin & Twin En-Suite Double & Double En-Suite VIP Suite
Arrivals – 19:00 Fri PM Departure – 09:00 – 10:00 Fri AM
Holistic Therapy Centre Relaxation Garden Foul Weather Training Area Open Training Area Woodland Activity Training Area

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Multi-Week Discounts & Deals Available

Traditional Boot Camp Options

You Maybe Wondering How Much Does a Boot Camp Cost?

Due to a number of options (ie room type, length of stay etc) each boot camp quote can be different. As a guide, you can expect to pay the market price of a mid-market hotel per night. Please select the button that suits you best from the options below.

Specialists Packages

Extreme Weight Loss Packages!

We specialise in rapid, extreme weight loss boot camps and fast food & sugar rehab packages.

Long-Term Boot Camps

Long Term Camps Up to 6 Months
  • *Average Weight Loss: Limitless!
  • Room Options: All
  • Nutrition Workshop
  • 2 hrs of Group NLP per week
  • Paleo Workshop
  • Proven Framework For Long Lasting Results

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not as fit as everyone else?

We have a great way at TEAM Bootcamp to scale all the exercise to your ability. Whether you are a pro athlete or have never trained before in your life, that's fine. Every exercise can be altered to suit your ability and mobility.

Is it going to hurt?

You can expect the normal aches and pains you experience when you push your physical boundaries. DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) as it is known, is more of a discomfort than pain. We will advise you on how you can reduce the discomfort.

What diet will we be following?

At TEAM Bootcamp we follow a primal, reduced processed, real food nutrition plan. Our aim is to control blood sugar and maintain energy levels. Many boot camps concentrate on a low-calorie diet,s which can increase hunger and cause the body to break down muscle and other tissues to use as energy. Not good!!! In 2020, we are introducing a plant-based & vegan meals along with with our Halal, Kosher and Gluten-options.

Will I get shouted at a lot and beasted?

Shouted at - possibly, but beasted - Definitely not! All the training at TEAM is done with respect and humility. It is delivered in a non-nonsense military manner, which adds to your experience, but with stacks of encouragement and inspiration... There is no room for bullying and belittling at TEAM Bootcamp.

How much weight will I lose?

It is impossible to say. Our averages are well into the double figures and the record in 1 week is 26 lbs although it is highly unlikely you will experience the same. We can promise that with the training intensity ad type, plus the balanced nutrition plan the weight you lose with TEAM will be the most your body is prepared to give up in that period of time.

What if I get anxious or suffer with anxiety?

There is a difference between a trainer who just gives you exercises and circuits and a coach who can sympathise and help you overcome your anxieties. 80% of the staff at TEAM are trained in advanced coaching and NLP techniques. You're in safe hands.

What happens if it rains?

We train!!! However, in 2020 we invested £60,000 into a dedicated wet-weather indoor training facility which is unique in the UK boot camp industry. We do our utmost to work around the weather to ensure you not only get amazing results but have a great time too.

What other activities will I do apart from fitness training?

We provide a host of additional activities to break up the training, provide rest and variety to heighten your experience. Activities include canoeing, hiking, survival and bushcraft sessions, close-quarter combat and self-defence, swimming and more.

How is TEAM Bootcamp dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak?

We are taking the coronavirus outbreak quite seriously and have implemented a number of precautionary and preventative measures. Including - Informing clients prior to and during arrival, increased the cleaning of high contact areas (door handles etc) to a minimum of 5 times daily, doubled our stock of alcohol gels and hand cleaning products and have a compulsory client hand washing protocol before and after every session and meal time. We will continue to monitor the situation and update and downscale our procedures appropriately. You can read the complete TEAM Bootcamp update regarding Covid-19 (Coronavirus) here - https://team-bootcamp.com/covid-19-coronavirus-latest-team-bootcamp-update/

Searching ‘boot camp near me’?

Ask about our boot camp roadshow.

TEAM Bootcamp

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